Sunday, 24 June 2012

my idea of fashion.

i think that fashion gives you the ability to find yourself and who you are, through clothes and your possessions. the conceptions of things are always greater than reality. fashion lets you be and feel like someone else- you can be anyone you want, just with the idea of putting outfits together. just with clothing, you can find your ranks and who you want to be, as well as who you are. i think together, with fashion and creativity it gives you a topic that people find hard to understand; being different. i am no longer interested in competing with other people's and teenagers style and fashion icons, i have found what i like and will stick to it. something that i can keep just for me, something for me to treasure so i can stand out from the crowd. i find the idea of being a character really interesting, and now i have figured i can show that through what i wear. nothing is ever as good as the fantasy of it, and that is why i love to read; and find out more about the characters i see and love. i find that thinking this way makes me see things in a different light, and through that i can like a lot of different things, and get lots of ideas just by being these different people i call myself. if i was to carry on thinking this way, i think i would end up liking everything.
i don't see why people put labels on things, i think it is stereotypical and it's not fair. i mean, people want labelled clothes, like hollister, etcetera, and i am alright with that- people can like what they like and just get on with it, they don't have to tell the whole world that they own something of a brand. then again, i don't it is fine that people label other people- like homosexuals, races, whatever. you dont have to put a bloody label on everything. the only label i have is my own, and that is what i go by. i wear what i want and i have stopped caring what other people think about me. yeah people hate me, so what? why are they wasting their time thinking about me and letting me know they hate me. i mean seriously, if you dont like me or what i wear, get on with it. go and get your own life.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

steel magnolias

Having watched Steel Magnolias the other day, i decided it would be a great thing to write about. The film is basically about the bond of sisterhood, which is all revolving around a wedding (with actress julia roberts, she is SO gorgeous, omg), and then she begins to show signs of kidney failure because of the stress of childbirth. The name steel magnolias reverts to how they can be as delicate as magnolias, but are as tough as steel. together, they can get through anything. the magnolia specifically references back to at the start of the movie when they are arguing over a magnolia tree at the beginning. 
Frankly, i couldn't recommend this film enough. It is heart warming and perfect if you wanna snuggle up and do nothing all day. I love it how they portray female characters in these situations, and how at heart we are all kids still. This film was such a tearjerker and got me crying on for hours. I mean, seriously, i haven't cried so much in ages. More than anything, this film is about friendship and sisterhood, and how they get through grief- and, of course, happiness. Which shows that through light, and darkness, all you need is good friends to pull you through. Anyway, enough with all the soppyness, just go watch the film already if you haven't.

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detachable collars

Recently, I have been cutting up old shirts (some of which were my dads) and taking off the collars to make some detachable collars. so far, so good. I have successfully taken them off shirts and now i am looking for things to customize them with. i am going to get some lace from a craft store today, and my little sister has a load of toy animals, in which i am tempted to steal a few to add on. i'm also gonna get some stick on gems and i found a load of cute buttons in a box in my room. hopefully, this is a project that will go down well. i shall have to post pictures on here if they look uber cool! it's a great hands on project, here is a link to go make some yourselves!

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BLAST OFF. Syleastronaut has returned to the blogosphere.

hey there, my name is Jess and i am 14 years old. i have had many blogs in the past and i decided that i have to stop procrastinating and actually properly start blogging. so i decided to make styleastronaut on blogger, instead of Wordpress. I like fashion and drawing and customising clothes and doing stuff that i like, such as creative things. i love to read too, if i havent already mentioned. I made this blog so i could have a creative outlet, and talk about things people around me don't understand. so, speak soon, space bloggers.